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Environs is a unique application that brings together a wide variety of publicly available data to give a holistic picture of a local area's character. It's packed with socio-demographics data, deprivation, crime, fire, health data and more.  So whether you are undertaking research, developing policy concepts, planning or making strategic decisions about your business or your own life, Environs can help you to access the robust, quantitative data that you need.

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Environs Key Features

Environs has been carefully designed with the user's needs in mind - to make data analysis easier all around.

Public Data At Your Fingertips

Environs brings together and processes open-source data in the UK public domain, saving you time from having to hunt for the data you need.

Local Data

Environs maps open-source data to a wide variety of geographic and administrative boundaries, giving you access to a holistic picture of a neighbourhood, area, region or even a nation.

Responsive to
Your Needs

Environs lets you really dive into the details.
It's responsive design means you can quickly and easily adjust the data you want to explore.


Environs is packed with interactive maps, area summaries, metric tables and graphical visuals so you can dig into and interrogate the data you need.


Behind the scenes, we work hard to ensure Environs reflects the latest data and we are continuously expanding the included datasets so that you have the widest possible range of information available at your disposal.

Adaptable to Your Organisation

Environs comes in a variety of version options to suit different geographic and data needs.
The Enterprise version even allows you to add your own organisation's data to further enrich the baseline public data.

Who is Environs for?

Public Sector

Environs is the perfect tool for anyone working in the public sector.  From local authorities planning new services; to the police partnering with local services, Environs can help you plan where to devote your resources.

Private Enterprise

Whether you're a large enterprise, small business owner, charity or institution, Environs can help enrich your understanding of your local customers, and even plan future growth and expansion to new areas.


Planning a house move, searching for schools or working to improve your local community? Environs gives you the data and the mapping tools you need so that you can make smart choices and rise to the challenge.

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