Which 10 areas in England have the lowest Index of Multiple Deprivation?
Spring 2022
This analysis is a non-exhaustive; and does not seek to draw any conclusions about the LSOAs identified.  Rather, the intention of this analysis is to demonstrate the functionality of the Environs application and that users have a powerful tool at their disposal for consolidating and interrogating data, which can support their work.  Please also see our Terms & Conditions.

For full details of the methodology used and the data sources please see the full paper linked here.
Using Environs, we can identify the 10 Lower Super Output Areas ("LSOAs") in England which have the lowest combined Index of Multiple Deprivation ("IMD") ranks.
LSOA Tendring 018A is in the Local Authority of Tendring and has the lowest Combined IMD rank (1), placing it as the most deprived LSOA in England. Tendring 018A has corresponding low rankings in the other IMD sub-categories of income (4th lowest), employment (1st lowest), education (2nd lowest), health (50th lowest) and community safety (15th lowest). The Access to Services IMD rank of 8235th, is also comparatively lower (9,564 places lower) than the other LSOAs featured  that typically ranked between 17,799th and 27,122th.

Of the 10 LSOAs with the lowest combined IMD rank, 8 were within the Blackpool local authority.  LSOA Blackpool 010A had the lowest Income IMD rank for England and came in 3rd lowest for Health IMD. Blackpool 006A had the lowest health IMD rank (1st) of the whole of England.